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Review ~ Shark Portable Steamer

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Shark Premium Portable Steam Pocket

The End.

Just kidding.  But it’s true.  Remember way back in September when I visited New York to learn about the new Ninja Master Prep?  Remember me telling you that while I was there I was also introduced to some other cool new products from Euro-Pro (like the UltraLite Multi-Vac)?  Well the Portable Steamer was another one of the cool products I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to try out.  And I have been putting it to the test.

The Portable Steamer comes with several different attachments, which means you can use it just about everywhere in your home.  There are dusting attachments, a garment steamer thing, a large surface pocket and thinner “wands.”  I have used my steamer in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room and my hallways.

I was able to use the large pocket attachment and steam clean all the grime left on my hallway walls from the boys.  It was amazing!  I had forgotten that my walls were actually white.  I also regularly use my steamer in the boys’ bathroom.  I have three little boys who don’t always “aim” properly (if you know what I mean).  That bathroom was plagued with a disgusting urine smell that I could not bleach away.  Now, with my portable steamer cleaning the surfaces of the toilet, counters and bathtub and my Steam Pocket Mop steaming the floor…that bathroom doesn’t stink anymore!  And my very favorite part is that I used no bleach, no chemicals of any kind.


I used my steamer to clean my cupboards (this is not me in the pic), clean my stove, my oak coffee table that had spilled milk dried onto it, my dining room table.  You get the idea?  I cleaned everything.  It comes with several different microfiber pads that can be washed and reused.

No Chemicals.

No throw away pads.

The only thing I wouldn’t recommend cleaning is your ceiling fans.  I made the mistake of cleaning them with my steamer before I dusted them.  I ended up with lots of MUD!  So if you do steam your fans, dust them off first.  Unless of course, your fans are not already disgustingly covered in dust to begin with.

The attachments are very easy to switch out, too.  So you can go from cleaning one surface to another without much fuss.  The thing you do need to be aware of is that there are a lot of attachments.  This little power machine does a ton of stuff.  I ended up storing all of my parts in the box because I didn’t have anywhere better to keep it all together.

So if you are looking for a great gift for someone that has it all, has allergies, or is trying to clean with less chemicals, then this is the perfect item.  It retails for $99.00 and is available online at as well as many stores nation wide.

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FTC Disclosure:  Euro-Pro provided me with the Portable Steamer for review as well as a trip to New York to be introduced to the products.  The opinions are absolutely my own.


  1. Ooohhhh! I want one of these! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am so excited, I just got mine today! Yeah! I immediately went after my white kitchen cabinets though and I didn’t get too much accomplished there but it did a great job on my doors. I think I just need to practice more to really get the hang of it. Thanks for sharing your stories, I just found your blog through the Shark Facebook page and I will definitely check it out often! Happy Holidays to you! ~Liz

  3. I currently own the Shark Steam Pocket Mop and I am very happy with it BUT HATED THE PORTABLE STEAMER!!! A lot of streaking and water spots everywhere…. FYI, get ready for the terrible customer service when returning the portable steamer (if ordered online)

    • Susan Baker says:

      I am trying to return my portable steamer to Shark and of course, the 800 customer service number is not working! I’ve even tried sending them an email about it. They sent me 2 of the dang things – 2 weeks apart AND they charged my credit card. I am about ready to call the state ombudsman.

  4. I just bought one of the portable steamers yesterday and used the large wedge cleaning tool first. My bathroom floor was so dirty that the steam pocket got too dirty before I finished the job. I had just a little bit left to do (around the toilet) so I changed to the cylinder cleaning tool. That finished the job but I cannot get the attachment off now. I have followed all the instructions (press in and turn counter-clockwise at the same time) but it will not come off. My husband has tried and tried with no luck. Do you think I just have a defective unit? I attached it exactly the same way I did the wedge cleaning tool and it came off just as it was supposed to, but for some reason this is stuck on forever. I even unscrewed the little screws that are in it, thinking that would help but……no. Any suggestions?


    • mommy23monkeys says:

      Hi Julie. I have never had a problem changing out the heads. If you can’t get it off I would take it back and exchange it. Sorry you are having trouble. That’s never any fun.

    • Juile, i have the same problem. Just bought mine, and can’t get the wand tool off. did you ever figure it out?

      • I have had this problem too. You have to keep it pushed together while your turning it. If you keep it pushed in and turn it comes off pretty easy. Hope this helps.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I just used my Shark for the first time today. I think it is a great cleaning tool to have on had. Granted, I wont use it for everyday cleaning but it works great on my counter tops and appliances. I am getting ready to go see how it does in the bathroom.

  6. I have now had my portable steamer over two months. The steamer is excellent for cleaning and dusting, I love it. I recently moved my computer desk into my new office area and used the steamer to clean it. I had some dried superglue on the desk and it TOOK it off! I used it to clean my baseboards and walls, shower walls and toilet. It is great and I can’t wait till I can get the navigator and steam mop.

  7. Is the steam portable safe to use on antiques, like a buffet, old sewing machine etc.

  8. I bought the portable steamer and don’t like it! It smells, and doesn’t do anything that a good old dust rag will do! What confuses me is that the booklet that comes with your machine says not to use outdoors. How are you supose to clean your car rims, outdoor furniture, or outdoor grill with it then. I emailed Shark, they wrote and told me to use their 800 # which does not work! Will never buy from them again!

  9. Emma Browning says:

    I would like information on how you became involved in trying out these products. I am a true gadget junkie and would love the opportunity to try out new gadgets.


  10. I am more confused than ever about whether or not to get the portable shark steamer. I like the idea of getting my home clean and sanitized, but don’t like that if there is a problem I won’t get service from the company. If an 800 number isn’t working and can’t get customer service on line then I’m a little leary of purchasing this item, as well as other Shark items. Can you get this product elsewhere other than online?

    • mommy23monkeys says:

      Aileen, Shark products are available in stores, too. Bed Bath & Beyond and Walmart stores I know for sure. I’ve even seen some of the products at Costco which is awesome for customer service when there is a product problem.

  11. First comment. I had a steel shark steam cleaner professional. It cleaned like a champ. It also finally stopped working. I bought the new portable Shark steam cleaner. Its a dog. No real pressure and no really hot steam. I’m back to looking fot another treplacement for the Shark Professional.

  12. Penny Engel says:

    I never got my shark steamer… it didn’t arrive, but what I did get was the absolute worst customer service on the face of this earth. I wouldn’t buy a roll of toilet paper from this company if I were sitting in the middle of the forest wiping my butt on a tree limb.

  13. Mouselady says:

    I like the large pocket for cleaning the walls and the garment attachment for work shirts. However, unless my house is unusually dusty, I can’t find which attachment to use to dust the bedroom and living room. All I got was little, wet balls of dust that I ended up having to pick up with a rag!

  14. Hello, I have a question about trying out the steam shark portable. In the commerical the cord for the wall did not always show up when they used it. Is the machine rechargeable? Or was that just a editing mistake?

  15. How is it in he kitchen cabinets? Does it help get grease spots? Using a little sponge takes forever.

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